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Our Peaceful Home is both Newly Decorated and a Historic Gem in the village of LilyDale. The first president of LilyDale, Abby Louise Pettengill , once Lived in this Very House! You may have also seen this Historic Victorian Home featured on the cover -image of the HBO documentary:  
"No one Dies in LilyDale."

LilyDale, New York Cover of HBO's No One Dies in LilyDale
The Aurora Guest House is nested right in the Heart of Lily Dale. The summer season is the busiest time of year with Tens of Thousands of Individuals coming to Discover their Innate Spiritual Abilities and to further Awaken their Highest Selves. Book your next Stay at the Aurora Guest House and explore all that LilyDale has to offer!
LilyDale, New York Assembly Entrance Sign

Her Story Began in 1872 when Lily Dale was known as "The City Of Light" and Social Reformer Abby Louise Pettengill, the Assembly's First Woman President, called 8 Melrose Park home. Susan B. Anthony found inspiration and camaraderie here, forged plans, and prepared her famous speeches that would Enlighten Minds and Hearts on Women's Right to Vote.

Her Story continues with You. Whether you're the first woman President of Lily Dale, Susan B. Anthony, expanding yourself, or simply a free thinker, every guest of The Aurora House is a true V.I.P.